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Coastal and Hamptons Design Styles

Clean white expanses, simple decorative choices, modern themes and comfortable living spaces are the shared essence of these two styles, but what are the elements that set them apart. Read on for clarification and some complimentary lighting ideas.

Main Differences

We’ve highlighted the subtle yet powerful design differences in 5 main elements:

  1. Flora

  2. Colour palette

  3. Textures

  4. Space

  5. Patterns

Basics Coastal Chic is more relaxed; soft beachy vibes, brighter colour themes, raw/natural materials and open living spaces that support both leisurely and active lifestyles. Coastal, within itself, has a variety of substyles, including contemporary, boho, rural or modern coastal themes, with a lot of room to add your own personal twist.

The Hamptons style is simplicity with grandeur; clean lines coupled with elegant design features within the moulding, cornices and cabinet hardware. Basically, think comfort with a hint of luxury. Coming from the lush summer homes of affluent New Yorkers, it’s a mix of seaside relaxation and the divine indulgence that the rich and famous are so accustomed to. But remember, a design works best when it works with its natural settings; make use of local and native elements.

To Read our entire blog on Coastal and Hampton Lighting Design. CLICK HERE


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