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Awesome Lighting in Your Entry!

Metal Banded Lantern by Chapman and Myers for Visual Comfort

What is the message you want to convey as you walk into your home? How do you want to greet your guests? What best reflects your style? How do you light your multi storied entry? You love entry vignettes, what works best? You have a small space and low ceiling...

Lighting your entry can be a lot of fun and make a welcoming statement. We will help you through the process with one on one consultations with you, your designer, builder or architect. Most recently, Craig has been consulting on several multi storied entry ways. They absolutely require a statement piece. Regardless of your needs, we will make the process painless and the results outstanding!

Ballet LED Suspension by Sonneman

Vignettes welcome you home and welcome your guests while giving you the opportunity to make seasonal or whimsical changes to the Lighting. This Karamo Lamp by Arteriors does the job beautifully.

Fontaine Vertical Chandelier by AAERIN and Bistro Chandelier by Ian K Fowler, both for Visual Comfort

To read our entire piece on Lighting Your Entry way, click below


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