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Your Outdoor Entry Sets the Stage for Your Home

Choosing Your Front Door Fixtures

The front door to welcomes you, welcomes friends and sets the tone for your entire home. Choosing the lighting that will accomplish , look fantastic AND most importantly provide adequate light is our specialty. Let us help you.



You’ll want to take note of your home’s architectural style so your outdoor fixtures complement it. Also, large windows near the entrance that allow indoor light out affect how much light you’ll need for your entryway. A roof or covered porch over the entrance will similarly influence your outdoor entryway lighting plan.

Wall lights can be used in combination with ceiling lighting to fill in gaps in illumination, or on their own. Sizing of wall lights will be determined by the height of your door. If you are using one wall light, it should be approximately one-third the height of the door. With two lights, they should be approximately one-quarter the height of the door. In both cases they should be mounted so that the center of the lamp is 66 inches above the ground.


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