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Pendant Lighting 2020

While sourcing photos for our August 12 Newsletter, I became quite inspired with Pendant Lighting. Pendants have been with us for a long time...hundreds of years actually if you count chandeliers as a type of Pendant. I've heard people ask, "Are Pendants out of style now?" The answer is an emphatic NO! Pendant lighting is perfect over a surface that you will not walk under and the options are too many to count.

Perhaps you are tiring of the pendants you chose over your kitchen island 10 years ago. Maybe you want to change up the look in your dining room...or even swap those bath sconces for small pendant lights.

Here are some thoughts on what you can do to update, improve or change the mood of a room by using pendant lighting.

Trending in 2020

Textures, like rattan, bamboo, grasscloth, wood and other 'natural' elements are not only trending in furniture and home decor but also in lighting. It's called "modern Natural" and has its roots in a 'back to nature' feel. The look tends to ground a space and add interest to the lighting in the room.

Above: Hunters Point by Hudson Valley Lighting

Clear Glass continues to inspire but adds a slight twist with either textured glass or a touch of metal. The resulting look is will completely update your space.

Above: Hubbardton Forge Griffin pendant with Simon Pearce hand blown glass

Below: Hudson Valley

Above: Hudson Valley

Below: Hubbardton Forge Fritz mini pendant

Below: Sonneman Friso

Matte Black

Has made a resurgence as the new neutral. It pops, adds character and compliments every style from Farmhouse to Contemporary.

Above: Hudson Valley Lighting Metal Pendant #1

Below: Troy Lighting Fahrenheit

There is so much more to write about, including my favorite Pendant designers, but you will have to tune in next time!

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