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Who Are We 2024?

By Maureen Barre

My expertise and experience are well-known and respected throughout the industry. It is a pleasure to assist my customers from beginning to end on any lighting project you are ready to undertake. I have excellent manufacturer relationships and support that will make your project seamless.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Let me know how I can help make your space well lit!


Craig Barre

Craig designed Lighting plans and the lighting schedule for this phenomenal Colorado home.

Our Fifth Year!

We are beginning our fifth year as Independent Lighting Designers. It has been a terrific career change for me after leaving the showroom business. With Maureen, my wife, we have established a strong network of manufacturer relationships. We excel at offering design ideas to make your home reflect YOU. We are customer centered and love consulting with you and providing the lighting that completes your home.

What We Do As Lighting Designers

-We Listen

-We Design From the blueprints up

-We Prepare Lighting Plans and Schedules for new builds and remodels

-We Coordinate lighting with you or your architects and builders

-We Make Lighting suggestions for your space and supply links with photos

-We Provide Lighting Solutions

-We Source the right product for you

-We Educate you and your team on proper LED color temperature and Lumen output

-We Sell you the best solution and process through our secure processor

-We Suggest appropriate luminaires (lightbulbs)

-We Provide tracking and follow up

-We Have high expectations of ourselves

-We Build great customer relationships

To see our Installations and read more click this link:


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