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Outdoor Lighting Fall 2021

The Earlier Sunsets came on fast this year. We are all adjusting to our new normals whether you are back at the office, shuttling kids to events and practices or getting dinners on the table.

No doubt your outdoor lighting has become more important and you are aware of its shortcomings so...LET'S MAKE THE CHANGES!

While you still have soft soil in the Northern States, we recommend getting that new Landscape Lighting planned and installed ASAP so that you can also get your new grass seed to take hold!

So, let's take a look at some ideas and see what you would like to incorporate.



Multiple Applications

Often times you will require hanging lights, wall lights and post lights in the same area of your outdoor spaces. Work with what you have and what is needed. Most outdoor lighting will come in a family of products or mix and match with similar color scheme.

While designing your outdoor lighting plan, be sure to choose the locations of your lighting strategically and with the long-term protection of each feature in mind.

Ideally, your outdoor lighting components should be placed in spots that will protect them from the elements while still giving them enough room to transform your outdoor space with the right type of light. For example, lights that are attached to your home can be installed underneath overhangs to protect them from moisture. Alternatively, porch lighting can be Pendants, chandeliers, fans or recessed to keep bulbs hidden away and protected within your porch ceiling.

Hubbardton Forge offers highly efficient LED outdoor lighting solutions. Installing LED fixtures may lower the energy bill, and the LED technology creates a very low-maintenance addition. The need to change light bulbs frequently is eliminated—these LED light sources can last for many years.

Post and Pier Lighting

A Classic Onion Lantern by Northeast Lantern mounted on a traditional post. Always a good look...but notice the glass!

When craftsmanship is important to you and your outdoor/indoor lighting, our favorite remains Hubbardton Forge. Made in a foundry in Vermont by Modern American Craftsmen and women we know you will love these timeless products and admire them for years to come.

Defining Spaces

invisiLED tape lighting, also by WAC Lighting, will define space and provide safety when there are landscape changes.

Walkways, Stairs, Paths and Accents

If you would like to identify fixtures in the Blog and read the entirety, please click here.


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