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Inspriring Coastal Kitchens from Visual Comfort, July 2021

Text and photos courtesy Visual Comfort

Editing: Maureen Barre, Light Vision Concepts, Inc

We know how much so many of our customers love Visual Comfort Lighting fixtures. We do too! We found the choices in these photos from the ceiling to the floors to be incredibly much so that we don't have a favorite. But, YOU go through the photos, take your time and get it touch if you see a fixture you MUST HAVE!

A coastal-style kitchen is often associated with waterfront homes of the East Coast, Florida Keys, or California Coast. However, this seaside look can present a relaxed and refined style that can easily suit houses located anywhere. This is because a coastal kitchen can be classic, casual, or anything in between. These bright and airy seaside designs present many ways to bring the beach style home, from ocean-inspired hues and sandy neutrals to natural materials. So dive in and be inspired by the easygoing elegance of these chic coastal kitchens featuring a wide range of Visual Comfort ceiling light fixtures.

Featuring: Chatham Large Lantern in Natural Brass with Clear Glass Designed By Ralph Lauren

Lanterns, in all shapes and sizes are everywhere and trending up. Everything about these Chatham Lanterns, from the canopy and chain link to the beautiful glass and gold accents perfectly compliments this bold kitchen.

Featuring: Cody Large Hanging Shade in Natural Brass with Linen Shade and Navy Leather Trim Designed By Ralph Lauren

Though the same cabinet company is used, this kitchen has a more casual feel with the shaded pendants and lighter floors.

Interior Design: Etch Design Group | Photography: Sophie Epton

Featuring: Tableau Large Pendant in Antique-Burnished Brass with Clear Glass Shade

Designed By Kelly Wearstler

The color is what stands out in this kitchen, just as intended

Interior Design: Lilse McKenna | Photography: Max Kim-Bee

Featuring: Agnes Small Pendant in Burnished Silver Leaf with White Intererior Designed By AERIN

Alright, I will be honest...I want the chairs!

Interior Design: Tilton Fenwick | Photography: Max Kim-Bee

Featuring: Agnes Medium Pendant in Gild with White Interior Designed By AERIN

A bit of open shelving!

Interior Design: C Studio Interiors & Design | Photography: Blink & Company

Featuring: Darlana Small Lantern in Polished Nickel Designed By Chapman & Myers

Oh Darlana, how do we love thee? Let me count the ways, in the kitchen, in the halls, the portico and more!

Interior Design: Logan Elizabeth Designs

Featuring: Hendricks Small Globe Pendant in Natural Brass with White Glass Designed By Ralph Lauren

Go ahead and add a little jewelry in your lighting...

PS...noticing anything about the chairs?

Interior Design: The Jane Group

Featuring: Gracie Large Dome Pendant in Polished Nickel with White Glass Designed By Chapman & Myers

Industrial lighting looks to remain with us for years to come. There will be various refinements along the way allowing for it to complement more spaces.

Interior Design: Kara Miller Interiors | Photography: Brantley Photography

Featuring: Precision Large Pendant in Polished Nickel with White Glass Designed By Kelly Wearstler

We LOVE precision in polished Nickel, but you should see it in soft gold!!

Interior Design: Megan Molten | Photographer: Margaret Wright

Featuring: Darlana Large Linear Lantern in Antique- Burnished Brass Designed By Chapman & Myers

Guess who comes in shapes and sized and finishes...Darlana!

Interior Design: Lauren Leonard Interiors | Photographer: Jessie Preza

Featuring: Henry Industrial Hanging Light in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with White Shade

Designed By Thomas O'Brien

Interior Design: Sarah Merrigan Design | Photography: Tamara Flanagan Photography

Featuring: Katie Dome Pendant in Polished Nickel with Clear Glass Designed By Thomas O'Brien

The clear glass simplicity will allow the lighting to do its job and allow your focus to be elsewhere. How do you like these chairs?

Interior Design: Meg White Interiors | Photographer: Ruby & Peach

Featuring: Hicks Extra Large Pendant in Polished Nickel with White Glass

Designed By Thomas O'Brien

Interior Design: Beachy Bohème | Photography: Amber Thrane

Featuring: Hicks Large Pendant in Bronze and Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with White Glass

Designed By Thomas O'Brien

Interior Design: Saleha Interior Design

Featuring: Agnes Large Pendant in Matte Black with Gild Interior Designed By AERIN

So, are you inspired? Did you notice the natural elements ie: rattan, rush and earth tones used throughout these photos? Did you notice the open shelving in a few? The bold use of color, and the subtle design statements?


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