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The Home Office

Never before has our home work space been as important as it is now. Covid-19 has upended daily life in drastic ways. We have learned how creative and resilient we are and how we use our spaces has become much more important in our lives.

While most of us will not be adding a prefab shed to our yards for work space, we have taken over parts of our garage, master bedrooms, storage closets, guest rooms, basements, outdoor sheds. It's been an exercise in creativity. But let me ask you...


Before Craig and I shared an office in our home, he had a tendency to work in minimal light. He let the computer back light be his primary source of lighting and as a result had eye strain and occasional would think that he would heed his own advice being a lighting expert!!

The basic rule of thumb in lighting any room and especially your work space is to have general lighting which will illuminate the entire space and then task lighting for the area you are working.


While Natural Lighting is the Gold Standard, not every space has that luxury. “Many people assume that bright task lighting is the only solution. I prefer to have layers of lighting, with the option to adjust each individually. Natural light from a window, library sconces, a stunning chandelier, and recessed lighting plus a desk lamp with personality!” says Mel Bean of @melbeaninteriors in Oklahoma.

Without high hats in the ceiling, your overhead lighting becomes significantly more important. Go with fixtures that will light the entire area where you are woking. Add sconces or picture lights and then move in for the task lighting.

Finally, bring light right into your work station. Find something that inspires you! Here are a few from Visual Comfort.

Hopefully you have found ideas and inspiration in these photos of professionally designed spaces. You can do it yourself and we will help you. Reach out to

All photos courtesy visualcomfortlighting

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