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New Hubbardton Forge 2018

They say that great design never goes out of style— it’s timeless. Hubbardton Forge takes pride in creating award-winning design that will stand the test of time, with a quality that is unrivaled in the lighting industry. Our product continues to be crafted by hand, made-to-order and built in Castleton, Vermont. We proudly introduce our new designs for 2018.

Clean sculptural steel lines integrate beautifully with state-of-the-art LED light; featured in the elegant minimalism of the Penumbra, and the free-flowing performance of the Trapeze Pendant.

Gone are the harsh edges; our contemporary dedicated LED lighting is rich, warm, and gorgeous. This is showcased within the majestic Regalia Pendant, the botanical glamour of the Lily Pendant, and the glowing cast glass of the Venn.

The Portico Pendant offers clean architectural lines that are versatile and articulate; while our introduction of iridescent Mother Of Pearl tiles produces softly reflected light from the Tesserae Pendant.

The heart of Hubbardton Forge is our team and love of great design. Our mission is much more than to simply create and assemble, it is to add value and meaning to products you place in your home or business.

Create a new tradition with us.

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