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How To Light A Kitchen For Aging Eyes

Did you know that aging eyes need two to five times more light than our younger eyes did? So, in order to see more clearly, modifications are often needed in the spaces you live and work in, like your kitchen. Here’s how to get your kitchen lighting up to par for aging eyes:

Bring In Natural Light

Nothing beats natural light. Try to maximize as much natural lighting in the kitchen as possible. Natural light works together with the rest of your lighting to increase the amount of lighting in your kitchen.

Go For Matte Lighting

Cutting down on the amount of glare in the kitchen will allow older eyes to see more clearly. To help with this, opt for lighting that has a matte or frosted finish. This will minimize the amount of glare and light flares.

Light Up The Ceiling

Aim to create a bright ceiling, which acts as a reflector to direct light downward into the room. You can do this by installing recessed lights around the perimeter of the room. To get the best results, use T5 fluorescent or LED lights.

Install Task Lighting

Task lighting is what’s going to illuminate your workspace. Under cabinet lighting is a great option for adding more illumination onto your counters and the spaces where you’ll be working in the kitchen. Under cabinet lighting will help to cut down on shadows. Shown in the photo is Adorn under cabinet lighting with outlets for electricity and electronics!

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