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Lighting Trends in 2021

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In 2021, there are several main lighting trends:

  1. Geometric shapes – at the peak of popularity, lighting devices of regular shapes still remain: spherical structures, clusters of balls, honeycomb compositions, lampshades-cones, cubic shapes, polyhedra, as well as spiral chandeliers.

  1. Combination of materials – incandescent lamps fixed with metal chains on a wooden base with a matte finish. This design fits perfectly into the eco-style.

  2. Black color is a new trend in design. Lighting elements are popular, for example, chandeliers and lamps in matte black, combined with light sconces and floor lamps.

  3. “Rustic” style – a composition in the form of a wooden wheel with wrought-iron “candlesticks” suspended by means of chains will help to dilute the modern and laconic design of the room.

  4. Chandeliers in eco-style – today, designers pay great attention to light compositions made of wood and frosted glass. In the latest collections you can often see the use of wooden beads, lampshades from burlap, twine or rattan. Pendant lights made of frosted glass or fabric look interesting.

  5. Horizontal light – protruding lights in a horizontal arrangement will fit well with the industrial style.

  6. Pendant chandeliers are the hit of the season for bedroom design. Exquisite frosted glass lamps on both sides of the bed emphasize the design idea in the loft or modern interior, perfectly fit into the spirit of minimalism in the living room or kitchen. For country or chalets, pendants with woven lampshades are suitable.

  7. Vintage compositions – the designers’ love for vintage was also manifested in the design of ceiling lamps made of alloy and metals. Brass models, gold textures, aged surfaces are popular.

  8. Colored glass – a chandelier or a colored glass lamp – is a work of art that creates unique and colorful lighting.

  9. Sculptural fixtures – along with the growth of lighting technologies, the possibilities in the production of sculptural lighting elements also grow. Shapes can range from clouds and bubbles to artistic images.


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