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6 Tips for Spectacular Dining Room Lighting


Hubbardton Forge Offers Some Quick Pre-Holiday Update Ideas

First impressions are important and your guests’ initial glimpse at the lavish holiday spread you’ve prepared falls into that category. With the effort you’ve made, you deserve the kudos; so, don’t undermine that by ushering everyone into a drab design. This is where an update to your light fixtures can have a huge impact.

Enclosed spaces, open views

Summer LED Pendant

Another trick to visually expand the space is to mirror an element visible from windows in the room. A city skyline in the distance and a pendant that evokes a skyline, for example, can subconsciously make your small dining room an extension of a much larger metropolis. Or in natural settings, a lake with a mountain backdrop might be figuratively brought indoors by a lighting pendant with similar use of vertical and horizontal planes.

Pairing Design Elements


Having an orderly space creates peace and comfort for many people. Creating a theme or maintaining a particular design style throughout your room is one of the most direct ways to create that order. For instance, straight lines and minimal ornamentation are hallmarks of Mission Prairie design, so chairs and a table with those aesthetics matched with a light fixture of similar style can tie the space together neatly.

Embracing Classics

Sweeping Taper

Classics convey style. They looked elegant decades ago and they look elegant today. For people who know what they want and comfortably stand by their decisions, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic. Forging, chain-hung, multi-light – it all contributes to the classic look.

Making a Statement

Autumn Pendant

When a jaw-dropping reaction is the goal, a statement piece is the answer. Statement pieces have the advantage of being the focal point, so positioning above a family heirloom table that is in use more for sentimental than stylish reasons is a great strategy. Guests might not spare a glance at the table until their seated and by then, the meal will be holding their interest.

Relishing Repetition


For proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, look no further than a design that employs multiples of the same design. Whether you choose a track mounted option, or several separate fixtures, each suspended from individual canopies, the strategy can be used with any of the previously discussed methods, amplifying their effect.


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