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Lighting Your Bath Vanity

By: Maureen Barre for Light Vision Concepts, Inc.

As Autumn begins to turn our focus indoors and consider updates we may want to make in various spaces, we know that Lighting is a great option for maximum results. If you would like to start with a smaller project, your bath Vanity lighting is a good place to begin.

All "Vanity" want to light your Bath Vanities in such a way as to produce good, useful, efficient and stylish room lighting. You have many can layer the light with overhead fixtures, use sconces beside the mirrors, hang pendants, or use a wall light above your mirror.

The Bath Vanity

This space is likely used day in and day out, multiple times a day, for multiple tasks, by multiple people in your home. This makes your choice in bathroom vanity lighting ever more important. We’ve got a few ideas for making the space best work for you.


A go to for lighting a bathroom vanity is two vertical sconces on either side of the mirror. Using two ensures enough illumination for grooming and other everyday tasks. We recommend lights are placed about 2 feet apart and 60-65 inches off the floor, depending on your height, to frame your face.

3 Vertical Lights

Depending upon the number of sinks and mirrors in your bath, you many want to choose 3 Wall Sconces

Light Above the Mirror