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Back to School Home Lighting

Desk and Reading Lights

Regardless of whether the kids are returning to school or back in distance learning, we need to take care of their eyes! With increased screen time comes additional eye strain and we want to combat that with proper desk and reading light.

You need ambient lighting—such as recessed or ceiling-mounted fixtures; sconces; or up lights—to establish an overall level of lighting in the room. Task lights—a desk lamp, or a floor lamp next to a chair—are specifically for working at a computer, writing, or reading.

It turns out that using a computer in the dark can actually exacerbate eye strain. ... Working in a lit room evens out the light sources your eyes are focusing in, easing the strain. In fact, working in an overly bright room can also cause strain from contrast in lighting.

Here is out pick for the kids at home work spaces.

Our #1 choice for the work space is "Splitty" by Koncept Lighting. Splitty is an LED lamp that comes in many colors, has a USB port in the stem and can also come with a charging station on the base. It doesn't take up a lot of room, is modern, adjustable on both the stem and the luminaire swivels.

How many would you like?

Splitty also comes as a floor lamp, again using minimal space with the base conveniently placed under the chair or sofa for reading.

Koncept lighting comes through again with the infinitely popular Z-Bar. It's flexible, colorful and can easily stretch from the desk to a chair or bed.

And for those of you who may prefer a more traditional look that explores the past or provides unique craftsmanship...have a look below.

And here is a tip for you and the kids...wear those Blue Light Blocking Glasses...they WILL reduce eye strain!

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