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The Shadow Box Outdoor Collection

Outdoor lighting rarely gets the attention it deserves. Hubbardton Forge thinks it’s worthy of taking center stage. Outdoor lighting might keep you from stubbing your toe on the entryway stairs after dark, but its functionality can also add beauty as the ultimate architectural accessory. Exterior wall lighting should create great curb appeal. It’s the perfect way to extend a warm greeting to guests. The versatile Shadow Box Sconces from Hubbardton Forge, show that outdoor lighting can be functional and so much more.

By focusing on materials and faultless geometric balance, the Shadow Box Sconce proves that high-impact lighting need not be complex. Layers of diffused light and dramatic shadow create the perfect blend of style and streamlined design. Each piece is accented with a block of optic crystal for an added touch of elegance.

The Shadow Box Outdoor Sconces are available in three different sizes to fit your needs. Backplates are available in choice of accent color, with the additional option to customize with an address number.

Hubbardton Forge outdoor fixtures are offered in six Coastal Outdoor Finishes, formulated for harsh environmental conditions. They are rigorously tested within a salt spray chamber, with 100% humidity conditions and salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water. Unlike most other lighting brands, our Lifetime Limited Warranty is valid not only for indoor products, but also for all outdoor products featuring our Coastal Finishes. Made for the outdoors, yet elegant enough for indoor use, as well.

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