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Simon Pearce and Hubbardton Forge: Vermont Artisans come together!

The Griffin Pendant: a stunning arrangement of bark-like textural steel elements that balances exquisite hand-blown artisanal glass

“It’s amazing that two companies, only 60 miles apart, have taken this long to find one another for a collaboration” said David Kitts, Director of Design at Hubbardton Forge. “I give James Murray, VP of Design & Creative at SP a lot of credit for his patience in working with us!”

David Kitts, Director of Design, Hubbardton Forge

Simon Pearce worked with notable glassmakers across Europe, before he and his wife, Pia, opened their studio in Vermont over 35 years ago. According to Simon, “When we arrived and saw the old brick building, the majestic river and the water falling over the dam, we knew it was right.” It’s a 200-year-old former woolen mill where handmade pieces come to life in the turbine-powered workshop from the rushing Ottauquechee River.

Simon Pearce, master artisan, creating an exquisite glass dome for the Griffin

Just over an hour away in Castleton Vermont, designers and artisans were working metals and other materials, creating beautiful handmade lighting at Hubbardton Forge.

Makers at Hubbardton Forge, handcraft each piece, one-at-a-time

Clean lines, sophisticated elegance, and a sense of place. A collaboration between two Vermont companies known for their craftsmanship and quality, Hubbardton Forge and Simon Pearce have the shared belief that each handcrafted piece carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity and grace to every use.

“Living with and using beautiful things at home makes every day of the week that much richer.” —Pia Pearce

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