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Swarovski Nails it With New Designs!

Swarovski Lighting reveals sparkling new Swarovski creations for 2018.

From the Swarovski brand, the creative design talents of Swarovski's team of designers are showcased in new collections GLISSANDO, FYRA and the redesigned LED VEGA. Each Swarovski fixture is specially constructed to evolve ordinary spaces into illuminating atmospheres through the transformative qualities of crystal.


Fyra enchants the beholder with pieces of perfectly faceted crystal peeking through a windowless lantern-like handmade metal frame. Large chunks of crystal catch and hold light from every angle, then release it into space, shredded into myriad flickering fragments of color. The collection offers single and triple pendants in several sizes as a focal point for any space.

Available as Single Flush Mount, Wall and Pendant, also in Nickel


Named for glissando, an Italian term describing musical notes gliding upward and downward in perfect harmony, the crystal prisms in the Glissando collection glide from one to another creating a multi-layered stack of sparkling light. Interlocking planes and angles radiate bands of color as the crystal holds and reflects light from its twisted silhouette.


Multidirectional light exudes from this glass sconce. The textural casing brings charm and balance to every home’s design. Those dedicated to a higher standard of craftsmanship appreciate the sheer versatility of the sconce form and how it suits all spaces. Made with Swarovski’s signature impeccable brilliance, as showcased in its Swarovski crystal accents.

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