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Find Your Solitude

Lighting has undergone an evolution in recent years. Aesthetics and craftsmanship have taken their rightful places alongside the utilitarian features of fixtures. A perfect example of that triumvirate can be found in the Solitude Collection.

Each piece in the collection relies on design, technology, craftsmanship and crystal to create its beauty. The Solitude Large LED Pendant is the largest fixture in the collection. Consisting of two dozen crystals in three unique lengths and widths, this pendant spans a length of more than four feet. Each crystal pierces through an LED light-guide, where it sits suspended half above and half below the steel frame that holds the guide. The LEDs are concealed within the steel channels of the frame. Their light reflects off the etched pattern of the light-guide. Those etchings help to create up- and down-lighting, and also carry the light to each crystal tower, where it plays off their facets.

The Solitude LED Pendant shares many similarities with its larger counterpart, but is smaller, with 12 crystals and measures just over two feet in length. There is one notable difference beyond the size — the pendant is suspended by low-voltage cables at either end that power the LEDs. The cables are almost invisible from certain angles, giving the illusion that the crystals are floating.

The final member of the Solitude Collection is the Solitude LED Sconce. As a sconce, the crystals have a backdrop created by the wall the sconce adorns. With light additionally reflecting from the backdrop, the sparkle of the crystals will be even more pronounced. The sconce, like the pendants, is available in a choice of eight finish colors, to best-match your space.

The visual of any one of the fixtures in this collection welcomes admirers to find solitude, as each looks like a mythical city of light situated on a river’s edge with the towers mirrored by the water below. It’s easy to see how one might forget the world for a moment, while contemplating the majesty of these designs.

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