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Bathroom Surprises!

Vetri by Modern Forms

Most people spend a good amount of time in the bathroom. Whether getting ready for work or play, or relaxing after a tough day (with plenty of bubbles), your bath and vanity surroundings should be attractive and special—and this includes your lighting. Make a statement with these unexpected looks.

Vetri LED Bath Bar by Modern Forms

Though the Modern Forms Vetri LED Bath Bar has the familiar rectangular silhouette that many bath bars have in common, it has something many do not: sparkle. Its hand-formed glass panel is created in a 13th-century style that leaves rippling strand-like striations in the glass, allowing it to catch the light even when not illuminated. When it is, however, the shine and reflection it casts on walls is nothing short of spectacular.

Lattice LED Bath Bar by SONNEMAN Lighting

An unusual presentation when it comes to bath lighting, the SONNEMAN Lighting Lattice LED Bath Barfeatures a series of five small, staggered LED panels interconnected in an almost haphazard horizontal pattern. The uneven display is a welcome alternative to the straight-row seamlessness found in most bath bars, and is a definite consideration for contemporary spaces.

Matrix Bath Bar by Schonbek Lighting .

Nothing quite says luxury like a big bunch of bling. For those inclined to sparkling objects, the Schonbek Lighting Matrix Bath Bar brings a dazzling display of Swarovski crystal to the adventurous bathroom vanity. A straightforward, rectangular silhouette means all that glitter doesn’t overwhelm, allowing the shimmering colors to stand out among both simple and lavish design schemes.

Haiku LED Bath Bar by Sonneman Lighting

Organic yet starkly modern, SONNEMAN Lighting's Haiku LED Bath Bar has a strongly linear yet delicate presence. Well suited to a room with minimalist contemporary style, the gently arched metal tracery over the glass shade nevertheless offers a natural tranquility that is perfect for creating spa-like atmosphere. And it's fitted with efficient LED lights so you can relax about its energy consumption, too.

Glacier LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms

If you're needing a climate change in your bath, consider the Glacier LED Wall Sconce by Modern Forms. Its icy block of Piastra art glass glistens with the LED light that filters through it, casting pretty patterns on the wall. This fixture may be mounted with the steel trim and LEDs at the top or bottom, providing either ambient uplight or downlight that washes the wall with a warm glow.

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