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What do Mid-Century, Industrial and Postmodern Sconces have in Common?

What do mid-century, industrial and postmodern sconces have in common?

Technological advancements have made it possible for each sconce to include central LED lamping, meaning that in addition to being striking by design, the sconces are also highly functional. A few perks of these bulbs (though they’re not technically “bulbs”) include longer illumination life, decreased cost of lighting and ecological friendliness (as they do not contain toxic chemicals). But, there’s even more to love about LEDs.

LEDs are versatile, and perhaps this is the most interesting aspect of this relatively new technology. Their slim profile circuitry, drivers and diodes permit them to be crafted into essentially any configuration, so they can be incorporated into a range of styles. The high performance LED modules allows lighting product engineers to create new ways of lighting their fixture design that would have been unthinkable in older generation light bulbs, such as incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Of course, with LED lighting, it’s not only about the light within the fixture – it’s the output, the effect of the light within the space of the interior. One significant feature of high-performance LEDs are their ability to be attached to a standard dimmer, meaning a homeowner is capable of determining the amount of illumination a fixture emits at a given time. Practically, this translates into increased control of a space’s aesthetic, as LED lighting can be adjusted to match the style or ambiance of an interior.

For Atomic (pictured left), this means uniting LEDs with a solid brass and aluminum framework featuring laser cut blades finished in polished brass or polished nickel. For Alchemy (top right), LEDs are placed within a dominant opal glass diffuser, complementing thick bands of handworked iron. For Cubist (bottom right), the LED is positioned in an elongated acrylic-paneled cube, which is surrounded by an intricate geometric framework. In each arrangement, the warm LED enhances the handworked artistry and human sensibility of the sconce.

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