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Custom Fixtures at Hubbardton Forge

Erlenmeyer 20-Light Pendant

Ever look at one of our pendants, say to yourself “I love this, but I need…”?

That’s exactly how our Erlenmeyer 20-Light Pendant took flight. Inspired by one of our top-selling mini pendants of all time, the Erlenmeyer, designers love the thick, hand-blown glass flasks, made by a local Vermont artisan, and our iconic forged steel structure and cuffs, giving the Erlenmeyer its industrial-modern appeal.

Our designers went to work to design a grand-scale Erlenmeyer pendant to the exact specifications needed by the client, and then engineers began to sketch and plan for its making and for the secure suspension of this 20-light steel + glass structure

Once finished and hang-tested in our dedicated Customs area, the new 20-light Erlenmeyer was packed and shipped to the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington, where MG2, one of the largest architecture firms in the nation and one of the top retail design firms in the world, had envisioned this piece. According to plan, it hangs in the restaurant, above a 12-seat, long rectangular table with windows overlooking an unparalleled panoramic view of the Lake.

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