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Notable Designs

There’s no question, Synchronicity is finding a place in the hearts and minds of the design community and showrooms. We’ve put together a list of the top sellers to-date to give you an idea of what will be turning up in design spaces across the country in the months to come

Solstice Sconce

The beauty is in the details. The light is focused on a hand-poured, textured artisanal glass disc creating a unique glowing aura of light on its circular backplate.

Solstice LED Pendant

A graceful surround of art glass entices you to contemplate the beauty of this pendant. Each of the textured glass panels is unique — handmade by the Vermont-based artisans at AO Glass.

Rhapsody LED Pendant

Design inspiration and intricate craftsmanship merge in this visual symphony. Flowing ribbons of steel are pierced by three Swarovski cone-shaped crystals, creating this divine composition.

Courbe' LED Pendant

Steel transcends its material limits with flowing tendrils carefully crafted to embrace the curves of three exclusive Swarovski Strass Wave Cut crystals. A gently–arched LED hidden within channel of steel and illuminates the Courbé’s sculptural elements.

Solitude LED Pendant

A floating island of angular crystal towers provides the visual aesthetics for this distinctive pendant. Each crystal rises from an LED light guide and pierces through to emerge below, reflecting and refracting light in a vibrant sparkle.

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