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I am Roy Baxter from Las Vegas. I strongly believe in "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" by Mae West. So, we need to live a healthy and long life. By profession I have been a freelance content writer for the last 5+ years. I have a personal blog on health-related topics. "MyWellnessDaily" and "InfoHealthTech" on men and women health related topic such sexual health, erectile dysfunction, infertility, libido, relationships, medicine info, diet plan, weight loss, lifestyle, trending topics, etc. Apart from this, you can always check my content on Allmedscare online pharmacy portal.

If you interested in health and fitness tips, relationship guide, well diet plan, sexual health medicine information such as Kamagra Soft Tabs Online medicine to the men, ways to improve low libido in women, eye care tips, etc. have a look at above mentioned website.

Apart from blogging, I utilize my free time to nurture my hobbies. I love traveling and meeting new people. I also watch web series, it helps me to improve my writing skill.

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